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Jabiru-2: New capacity for Australasia

NewSat’s Jabiru-2 satellite, launched in 2014 will provide highly targeted Ku-band coverage in and around Australia. Jabiru-2’s 216 MHz of capacity will meet the growing demand for high bandwidth connectivity from enterprise and government markets.


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Coverage to satisfy growing demand

Jabiru-2’s highly focused capacity will provide superior coverage across Australia, Timor Leste, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. Jabiru-2 will satisfy the growing demand for reliable and cost-effective communications from the oil, gas, mining, media, carrier-grade telecommunications and government sectors.

Highly targeted Ku-band

Jabiru-2’s Ku-band payload will deliver 6 x 36 MHz of highly targeted “raw” capacity over high demand regions including the Pilbara, the Kimberley, Western Australia’s North West Shelf, Timor Gap, Timor Leste and Papua New Guinea. These high intensity “hot zones” will provide more efficient solutions to support large bandwidth applications, employee productivity and operational efficiency.

Greater flexibility and support

NewSat is customer focused, with the expertise of a large corporate organisation yet the flexibility and support of a smaller specialist provider. With significant teleport operator experience, NewSat ensures all customer requirements are heard, fulfilled and supported during design, implementation and through-life.

“New” capacity for innovative applications

Jabiru-2 will meet growing demand for fresh capacity to support innovative and bandwidth heavy applications. With remote sites and exploration teams requiring real-time data transfer and video conferencing to on-site office services, remote asset monitoring, and workplace health and safety, high bandwidth and mobility applications will continue to require “new” capacity to function effectively.

Jabiru Satellite Program

The Jabiru Satellite Program’s fleet of satellites will deliver high-powered coverage for enterprise and government environments around the world. The satellites will initially focus on the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia, with longer-term coverage extending into the Pacific Ocean and the Americas. Through Ka-band technology, a range of beam options, flexible payloads and extensive teleport operator experience, the Jabiru Satellite Program will deliver “new” and “raw” capacity to high demand markets. NewSat has the rights to eight premium orbital slots and its fleet of next generation geostationary satellites will lead Australia’s space quest.


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